Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire risk assessments are examinations and evaluations of potential danger and fire risk, these are done in places of work, living and places of entertainment. 

A fire risk assessment is used to identify fire hazards in the environment and then form an action plan to reduce and remove these hazards.   

Under the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 employers must ensure a fire risk assessment is completed of the site, furthermore domestic places of living such as blocks of flat can also be required to have a fire risk assessments. 

These Fire risk assessments must be carried out immediately, upon completion they must be routinely reviewed to ensure the safety of the site. It is recommended the intervals between reviews should not be more then 12 months.      

GB Compliance Fire Risk Assessment

We provide in depth and detailed fire risk assessments which are easy to understand and implement. Once the fire risk assessment is completed we provide a detailed action plan with a priority rating on each task. 

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