Fire Strategy Consulting

Fire emergency plans

Fire strategies are created to ensure that there are means of escape as well as necessary measures added to the site to prevent a fire and if in case there is a fire to prevent it from growing. 

Fire strategies are created usually at the same time as the blueprint of the building this is to ensure that the strategy is specific to the building, the strategy will cover the following components:

  • Routes of Evacuation and exits
  • Emergency lighting and fire alarms 
  • Equipment to tackle the fire
  • Fire rating of the doors, walls and floor
  • Ventilation systems put in place 
  • Entry routes and facilities for the fire service

When applying for a new home or a conversion of an existing site into a new building you can be rejected because of fire service access requirements, fire safety and compliance. These issues can be resolved by having a detailed fire strategy and implementing it.

Our highly trained and experienced fire engineers are able to asses sites and form detailed, easy to understand and follow fire strategies. 

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