Fire Warden Training

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The fire warden training is provided by our senior members who have over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the fire industry, they will provide a detailed overview of how a fire starts, what are the necessary steps to prevent a fire, evacuation procedures and legislation of fire safety. Upon completion of the training course you will be certified as a fire warden. 

This type of training is recommended for those:

  • who are interested in becoming fire wardens or fire marshals
  • who have the responsibility of ensuring members of staff or the public are accounted for in case of a fire 
  • who are in a position that involved promoting fire safety

Course Duration

Clients who are interested in organizing fire warden training must register their employees via Email, this can be done by contacting us on

Courses are split between half day am or pm training which goes up to two training session and full day which can go up to four separate sessions.