The Vision 

From the age of 5 Paul. J. Williams was fascinated by fire so much so that at such a young age he had his first tour of a fire station and his first experience of being in a fire truck! upon turning the legal age of work Paul applied for the fire services and so began a long journey driving across London in the fire truck battling fires. 20 years on Paul felt that with the knowledge and experience he had gained he could utilize it on a grander scale for the betterment and safety of the wider society and so began a new venture of providing the best fire safety consulting and services across the nation. 

At the core of GB Compliance is the deep rooted passion of providing and sharing up-to-date knowledge on fire safety, ensuring our clients receive the best service possible with trusted professionals who have years of knowledge and experience supporting them.

A key component which keeps GB Compliance motivated is not only looking at the current climate in regards to fire safety and how much we can provide on this topic but to look ahead at the future. We do not want to just be visionaries but people of action! As such we are proud advocates and promoters of emergency photolumeniscent low level way guiding systems, a system which is catered for everyone especially the elderly and those with disabilities. 


The Director

Paul has over 33 years of experience within the fire industry having served 20 years in the London Fire Brigade. Paul was a Brigade Instructor providing Breathing Apparatus Instruction to qualified Firefighters within the Northern Command before he served at A24 Soho, one of World’s busiest fire stations. Subsequently, Paul moved into  Fire Safety Enforcement within the London Borough of Hillingdon Team for his last 8 years of service.