Fire Risk Assessment

We provide many different services in the area of fire risk and we are very proud of the fact that our fire risk assessments (FRA’s) helped Newham Homes achieve “Best Practice for Fire Safety” with the Audit Commission. Newham were the first social housing landlord in the UK to achieve this recognition from the Audit Commission.

Quite simply, our fire risk assessments are easy to understand with a simple, easy to find concise action plan, with all significant findings and actions in one place. We do not burden our clients with multiple pages of irrelevant text and this is because our clients want their FRA’s to be simple to understand and easy to find the required actions, as do the Fire Authority.

Since our beginning in 2007 we have carried out more than 6,000 FRA’s for our clients in many different building types. We specialise in social housing and healthcare but we have experience across many other sectors.