Ecobrite by Ultra

Photoluminescent emergency low level guiding system, floor identification number and emergency floor plan

Photoluminescent materials have been around for a very long time with one of the first installations being utilized by the Germans during World War II in order to be able to see without the need for electrical lighting. U-Boat Commanders used to rub the powder on their hands charge it and use the afterglow to read maps whilst above water at night.

With the advancements of technology photoluminescent products today provide a higher intensity of light and has been the preferred choice of emergency lighting in many other countries across the Globe including Japan, U.S.A and Australia.

Please note that BS5266 part 1 2011 Clause 6.4 states;

BS5266 Part 1 2011 The normal height for luminaires should be at least 2 m, but the mounting height might need to be risk-assessed for the application, taking into account the effects of glare, the need to be below the possible build-up of smoke in smoke reservoirs, conditions in specific buildings (e.g. heritage buildings), or to highlight specific hazards such as stairs.

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