Fire Signage

Fire signage is used for the public in case of an emergency fire, this can in a residential, hospital, care home or even an office, as long as there are walls, there can be fire signage. If a fire occurs, the residents of the site must be able to tell where the nearest fire exits are and how to get to them additionally upon the arrival of the fire service the fire signage must be able to facilitate an efficient, quick and detailed overview of the site. As such fire signage must give various information, this includes:

  • Fire exit doors
  • Directions to nearest fire exit
  • Flat numbers
  • Floor plan 
  • Instructions on what to do in case of a fire

Through our fire risk assessments we are able to evaluate and deduce what fire signage is need and how much, furthermore we are able to produce and provide our own brand of Fire signage, Ecobrite by Ultra, which is is high quality photoluminescent material.